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For a day-by-day reading guide of Proverbs following the class schedule, click here.

DateTopicHandoutVideo Recording
January 8Introduction to Proverbs, Proverbs 1:1-7Click hereClick here
15Prologue, Part 1 (1.8-4.9)
Proverbs exposes the folly of the world, not to blind us through self-rightousness from our own folly, but to expose it; so we say “There but for the grace of God, literally, go I.”
Click hereClick here
22Prologue, Part 2 (4.10-9.18)Click hereClick here
29No Sunday School – congregational meetingN/AN/A
February 5The Proverbs of Solomon, Part 1 (10.1-15.29)Click hereClick here
12The Proverbs of Solomon, Part 2 (15.30-22.16)<coming><coming>
19Sayings of the Wise (22.17-24.34) Swain on Prov 8?<coming><coming>
26Missions Conference<coming><coming>
March 5Of Gods & Kings (25.1-29.27)<coming><coming>
12The Words of Agur (30.1-33)<coming><coming>
19The Words of Lemuel (31.1-31)<coming><coming>
26Wisdom and the Gospel<coming><coming>
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